A New Book by Michael Clay Thompson

Posted on: 08/13/2019 Back to all blog posts

Introducing a new book by Michael Clay Thompson!

It is an introduction to the parts of speech for young children, who get to meet a chicken named Poodle, a beagle named What?, and Sidney, the world’s fastest snail. It’s all in verse, it’s wonderfully illustrated, and it’s delightfully silly. We expect it to become available within the next several weeks, and we’ll announce it when that happens.

Michael’s ability to communicate with children is nowhere more apparent than in his online courses. He is about to teach all seven levels of his MCT language arts curriculum. Almost all of the children he had last year are back, and he has agreed to add some students. His Level Three course is overflowing, but he is adding another session of that course on Mondays at 2:00 Eastern time. Other sessions are getting full, but there’s still time to enroll. At the end of last year, one after another of his students expressed their appreciation for how much they had learned during the year and how much better they had become as writers. Their parents were every bit as appreciative of the progress their children had made.

Michael’s courses begin next week, so don’t delay. This is a valuable opportunity for children!

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