A New Book to Help Young Children Understand Themselves

Posted on: 06/07/2019 Back to all blog posts

Royal Fireworks Press is proud to announce the publication of our newest book to help young children gain perspective, self-awareness, and self-control: The Secret Code of Senses.

The Secret Code of Senses
teaches children methods of intentional sensing—the act of deliberately concentrating on a sense in order to redirect the mind away from distractions or overwhelming situations. Many young children have never given much thought to their senses as a means of their body telling them what is happening both around them and within them. This book not only helps them to decipher the secret code that is the body’s own private language with them; it also teaches them how to regulate what is happening in their body so that they can work to control their emotions or focus their attention.

The book comes in a perfect-bound version, a saddle-stitched version, and a special dyslexia-friendly version, which uses a font that makes the book easier for some children with visual processing problems to read. There is also an instructor guidebook that will help parents, teachers, and other adults learn to direct children to apply the methods taught in the student book; the guidebook also includes additional suggestions and application opportunities.

Together with Breath Magic, The Day the Thought Bubbles Got in the Way, and The Day the Thoughts Got Stuck, The Secret Code of Senses is designed to give elementary-age children perspectives and tools to enable them to control their bodies, emotions, and actions. These are important steps toward maturity and self-mastery.

Royal Fireworks Press also offers a number of other books that will help parents, teachers, and counselors in dealing with intense young people. Particularly helpful are “Mellow Out,” They Say. If I Only Could and Planting Seeds of Mindfulness.

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