A New Book to Teach Young Children Mindful Breathing

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Breath Magic
We are proud to announce the publication of Breath Magic by Jordan Novak and Cody Rounds. This book was created to help young children become more self-aware and to teach them how to take control of their emotions and their bodies.

Breath Magic introduces children to their breathing and encourages them to change their breathing patterns as emotions and situations challenge them. The book is illustrated with Jordan Novak’s highly imaginative drawings. An instructor book helps parents, teachers, or other adults guide children in breath control and self-governance.

Breath Magic is the latest in a growing library of books published by Royal Fireworks Press that are designed to help children become more self-aware, in control, and calm. These books include two wonderful titles by Ingrid Klass that concentrate on how we deal with our thoughts: The Day the Thought Bubbles Got in the Way and The Day the Thoughts Got Stuck. Jordan Novak’s book Be a Tree is another fine contribution to this collection. That book encourages children to think in longer, more altruistic terms.

For the parents of highly intense young children, we offer Michael Piechowski’s “Mellow Out,” They Say. If Only I Could and Planting Seeds of Mindfulness by Dorothy Sisk and Michele Kane. Adults are sure to learn helpful strategies for moderating their own feelings and behavior as they learn how to teach children to do the same.

When adults and children work together to enable the children to find ways to calm down and become more mindful, everyone wins.

Click here to learn more about Breath Magic.

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