A New Literature Trilogy from MCT and Reading Therapy

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A Martian invasion, a Civil War classic, and adventure in bonny Scotland

Michael Clay Thompson has added another trilogy of classic, masterpiece novels to his literature component of the language arts curriculum: The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells, The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane, and Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson. He has called this the Fog Trilogy because the characters in the novels are faced with the fog of confusion and chaos as they confront what is happening to them.

Special introductory price for the parent set of four books:
The War of the Worlds, The Red Badge of Courage, Kidnapped, and the homeschool parent manual:
$30.00 now to April 2 (normally $40)

Special introductory price for the classroom teacher set of four books: The War of the Worlds, The Red Badge of Courage, Kidnapped, and the classroom teacher manual:
$30.00 now to April 2 (normally $40)

All 24 classic novels in the literature trilogy series, with their instructor manuals, are iBooks available from iTunes, as well as in print format. All of the novels contain Michael Clay Thompson’s language illustrations, which show how the authors used poetic devices, special grammar techniques, and compelling writing methods to convey their message. These illustrations are at once an insight into the writers’ creativity and also a lesson to young readers in how to read a well-written novel. Read more about the literature trilogies.

FREE Questionnaire to Help with Reading Problems

Many children struggle with reading problems that have their origin in early childhood.  A surprising number of these children are gifted, although their giftedness can be masked by their problems with reading.

Royal Fireworks Press is now working with optometrist Kenneth A. Lane, O.D., to make widely available his pioneering work on vision therapy for reading difficulties. During thirty years of working with children, Dr. Lane noticed that poor readers tend to share common symptoms. He developed a questionnaire, now available for free online, called the Lane Academic Readiness Screen (LARS) that helps parents, optometrists, therapists, and school personnel assess whether a child has vision and/or related problems that will affect reading and school performance. Dr. Lane developed structured activities that can help to ameliorate many of the underlying problems. The LARS identifies problems and then points adults toward these scientifically developed activities, which are published in workbooks. Royal Fireworks Press has organized the workbooks into convenient packs of appropriate activities for the child. You can use the questionnaire free of charge and see the workbooks, packages, the LARS in print form, and more information here.

Award from Homeschoolers for MCT

Congratulations to Michael Clay Thompson for the award from readers of Practical Homeschooling who voted for his language arts program as one of their favorite curricula. He tied for first place in their 2017 Reader Awards for Language Arts.

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