A New Royal Fireworks Curriculum: Art

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We are pleased to announce that we have the start of an exciting new curriculum designed to empower children as artists.

The first part is entitled How To Draw a Straight Line, and there are a dozen Practice Pads in the series available alongside it. Aimed at those already involved in art, the next book to follow will be for absolute beginners just starting to draw and paint.

This first book helps anyone, child or adult, to learn to draw and paint with the techniques professionals use. It is full of tips that will immediately improve their drawing and painting.

Author, Donald Skier, has spent his life as an artist, advertising art director, and illustrator and currently offers community art classes in New York. He dedicates his work for Royal Fireworks “to those people who love art for art’s sake and are willing to put in the effort to learn to draw and paint better.”

His method is simple in its techniques and powerful in its results.  He helps the art student to find and create the basic shapes for complex works of art. He starts with a still life and goes on to more complex subjects.  In one page he shows how to make the grass in landscapes look natural, and how to add flowers.  Then there is an introduction to drawing and painting trees.  He talks about color, and quickly gives the reader a sophisticated understanding of color and how to use color values in painting landscapes.  He teaches how to paint skies and how to make clouds look realistic.  He shows in simple terms how to handle perspective and light source.  There is an introduction to painting water and reflection, and much, much more, including using digital cameras and computer software such as Photoshop.

The book will be ready to ship on Monday, December 19th.  Also ready at the same time are thepractice pads that allow the budding artist to work on specific subjects: landscapes, buildings, barns, cars and trucks, boats and shore buildings, sailboats, still life, butterflies and flowers.

How To Draw a Straight Line and other Objects, is in color, 8.5 by 11 inches, with more than 120 pages.  The Art Practice Pads are 11 by 17 and have basic instructions as well as five pre-printed practice sheets and five totally blank pages.  They are without hard backing and are stapled along the 17 inch side. Initially they are inexpensively priced and sold in minimum quantities of five or more.

In the next months, there will be many more practice pads, and we will add a strand designed to give an in-depth understanding of the great artists and schools. Using pads, we will walk budding artists through the steps that show how to paint in a style like the Impressionists, or in the manner of a particular artist.

We are particularly excited about this new Art Curriculum for many reasons.  First, it is art, and we think that it is very important for children to be exposed to art and to get many opportunities to express their creativity.  Second, it is very empowering for children; it will enable them to produce works of art that are more sophisticated and satisfying.  Third, it will combine doing with greater understanding and appreciation.  As children are introduced to the techniques that enable them to emulate the great artists, they will get a far better eye for the masterpieces they will see in museums and for the approaches that artists took.

HOW TO DRAW A STRAIGHT LINE by Donald Skier. Code: 8250  Price:  $25.00

The ART PRACTICE PADS are $3.00 each. Minimum quantity: 5

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