A New Series of Books for Children Who Struggle with Reading

Posted on: 03/27/2020 Back to all blog posts

Royal Fireworks Press has published a series of dyslexia-friendly books, adding to our collection of American history books called Adventures on the American Frontier. The release of this series was delayed by the coronavirus crisis, but now that we are settling in to a new work-from-home routine, we see no reason not to announce it so that parents of children who struggle to read, or even parents of children who love to listen to stories rather than to read them (the books contain an audio feature), can provide their kids with a new set of books that will entertain them while teaching them about an important but often-overlooked aspect of our national heritage.

Pioneers on the Early Waterways chronicles the advent of travel by water in America. In the country’s earliest days, there were no roads; the lakes and river systems were the highways, and they were the easiest way to transport goods and people before roads were cut through the wilderness. With the invention of the steam engine came the invention of the steamboat, and soon steamboats were pushing people and goods up and down the rivers in ways that had not been possible before. But people were using that same steam engine to develop a better method of land transport, and it wasn’t long before the steam locomotive was competing with the steamboat in a race to settle the country and build a strong economy. Ultimately, the locomotive won.

In the meantime, however, the steamboat was critical to the expansion of the country, and several famous people got their start working on them or working toward a dream of one day working on them. This series of ten books includes stories about Mark Twain, Buffalo Bill, and even President James Garfield. Davy Crockett appears in a hilarious story, too, although his time on the river came before the steamboat made her appearance.

These books, like all of the books in the Adventures on the American Frontier collection, are specially designed for children with reading disorders or children who struggle with reading. They are printed in a dyslexia-friendly font, have nice wide margins and generous space between the lines, and are narrated so that children can follow along. Each page or spread of two pages contains a QR code to the audio. The books are also illustrated, offering an extra treat every so often for visual learners and those who have trouble conceptualizing what they read or hear.

Here is a sample of the audio:

Just because our schools are closed, it doesn’t mean that our kids have to stop learning. And the best way to learn—especially when you’re stuck at home, and lots of things seem more fun than schoolwork—is to enjoy what you’re learning. The Pioneers on the Early Waterways Dyslexia Series will help children learn about an important aspect of American history—and the kids will enjoy themselves in the process.

Check out the five other series of books in the Adventures on the American Frontier collection, which includes Men on Iron Horses. That six-part series explores the invention of the steam locomotive and the building of a railway system across America, and it makes a nice complement with Pioneers on the Early Waterways.

We wish everyone good health during this time.

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