A New Series That’s Pure Gold for Kids Who Struggle to Read

Posted on: 05/04/2020 Back to all blog posts

Royal Fireworks Press has just published the latest series of books in our Adventures on the American Frontier Dyslexia Series collection. Gold Rush Adventures chronicles the California Gold Rush, offering new and diverse perspectives on what the Gold Rush truly was like. The six-part series explains how gold was discovered and the methods used to mine it, but it also includes more than one story about the arduous travel that was involved in getting to the gold fields from the eastern half of America, as well as some of the unexpected discoveries that the men and women who mined for gold made—often about themselves.

A special feature of these books is that they are dyslexia-friendly. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that children who struggle to read (whether because of dyslexia or for other reasons) can enjoy the stories that they contain by including several important elements in them. They are in large, dyslexia-friendly font, with wide margins and generous space between the lines. These formatting considerations are helpful for struggling readers, but every child will enjoy the illustrations and the audio feature that accompany the books. Each spread of two pages contains a QR code that links to audio of the book being narrated so that children can listen and follow along. The narration itself, performed by our own Christopher Tice, who takes great pains to speak clearly and deliberately and yet who brings humor and pathos to the stories, is a special treat.

Don’t miss this interesting new series, and be sure to check out the other series that we have already published in the Adventures on the American Frontier Dyslexia Series collection. There’s no better way for children to learn about early American history than to read about it in engaging stories—unless it’s to have the stories read to them. Now children can have both.

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