A New Set of Books in the Adventures on the American Frontier Series

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Royal Fireworks Press is excited to announce the next set of books in our Adventures on the American Frontier dyslexia series. The latest addition is a series of books titled Men on Iron Horses, and it explores the birth of the locomotive and the building of the railroad across the United States. The locomotive was an important technological development, but the railroad itself was even more important because it advanced the American economy by leaps and bounds, getting goods and people to places faster than had ever before been possible. Unlike the steam-powered vessels that were used on the country’s waterways, the steam locomotives could go anywhere, and towns sprang up along railroads all across the country, settling the interior of the nation at a rate that to that point was unprecedented.

The Men on Iron Horses dyslexia series, which is comprised of six books, joins four other series of books for children who struggle with dyslexia or other reading disorders: Pirates and Privateers, Mail Riders, Cowboys and Cattle Drives, and Pioneer Show People. Each series contains several modifications for readers who are challenged by ordinary reading materials, including the use of a special dyslexia-friendly font (called OpenDyslexia), large type, and wide margins. The books also feature fun illustrations and QR codes on each spread of two pages that link to audio of the pages being narrated so that children can follow along, enabling them to hear the words as they see them, which can be a critical step toward opening the door to comprehension.

Listen to a sample of the narration:

Men on Iron Horses is the latest set of books in our ongoing effort to open the world of reading to children who are challenged and frustrated by that world. These books combine reading and history in a format that will allow children to learn about some of the people who pushed this country forward—and to do so in a way that they will find enjoyable. There are several more sets of books planned for the Adventures on the American Frontier dyslexia series, and each one will help children build their reading confidence while learning and having fun. We cannot think of a better combination than that.

Royal Fireworks Press also offers a set of dyslexia-friendly math books that tell the story of Lennie Miller, a girl who uses math to deal with a range of supernatural creatures that frequent her new hometown. Click here for that series, called Night of the Paranormal Patterns.

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