A Special Reading and Math Pack for Children with Dyslexia

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Night of the Paranormal Patterns Dyslexia Set

As part of our ongoing efforts to help meet the needs of children with dyslexia, we are pleased to introduce our Night of the Paranormal Patterns Dyslexia Pack.

The pack is based on the premise that although dyslexic children struggle to develop their reading skills, they are capable and should be challenged in other subjects such as math. It is also a safe bet that dyslexic children enjoy a good story full of memorable characters and incidents just as much as children without reading difficulties.

We have developed this pack for children who are at least nine years old and who are having trouble with reading fluency. In a series of seven books—all printed in a special dyslexia-friendly font—we present the story of Lennie Miller, who is visited by a variety of strange, paranormal creatures that expect her to solve their math problems. Together, the books form a single novel, with each part connected to the next by the characters and themes and by the sorts of math problems that run through them—problems that are there for readers to solve if they can.

A special feature of these books is that each two-page spread contains a QR code that links to audio of the book being narrated. Children can listen and follow along to help them learn the words that they are seeing.

Each book also contains lists of the proper nouns and of the words that a dyslexic child might find difficult that appear in the book. The challenge words are available as flashcards—also printed in the dyslexia-friendly font—so that children can study and work to learn them outside of the narrative of the story. The pack can be purchased with or without the flashcards.

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A special dyslexia-friendly font is used in all seven books in this set

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