A Special Spring Semester of Online Learning for Students Whose School Has Closed

Posted on: 03/19/2020 Back to all blog posts

Parenting children has always presented challenges, but with the coronavirus pandemic being responsible for so many school closures, there is now the additional challenge of keeping children academically engaged and progressing without the help of teachers or schools.

Royal Fireworks Press has always given special consideration to the academic and intellectual needs of children, and now more than ever, children need to be stimulated and challenged in ways that keep them learning and that keep their attention focused on what they can do to make themselves smarter and stronger for the future. That’s why we’ve created a special semester of online learning specifically for children whose education was interrupted by COVID-19. This session will begin on March 23rd and run through mid-May and will include courses on a wide array of subjects—from English language arts to mathematics to history to Eastern philosophy. More courses will be added in the next few days as we confirm the details. The courses are designed to be suitable for children ages nine and up, and as always, they are challenging, thoughtful, and engaging for children in a range of ability levels.

We are also working on providing additional resources, free of charge, as we know that many incomes have been greatly reduced or cut off entirely. Please check back periodically to see when these become available.

In times like these, communities come together. And even though we’ll be maintaining our physical distance, we are here for you. Royal Fireworks Press and the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community will continue to do all we can to support children’s academic needs through this unprecedented event. If there is anything else we can do, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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