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Posted on: 05/21/2020 Back to all blog posts

As we face a summer and fall of both social and academic uncertainty, many parents are worried about how to balance the educational needs of their children with their desire to stay safe. At Royal Fireworks, we are expanding our Online Learning Community to meet both goals. We are offering not only the basics in language arts and math but also a wide range of enriching courses that will play a substantial part in children’s intellectual development. In fact, our course offerings have never been more comprehensive and more diverse.

This summer Michael Clay Thompson—who brilliantly makes the basics of language arts sparkle for learners at all levels—is offering courses in essay writing and in grammar, as well as a course that provides a stimulating introduction to Shakespeare. Allen Gross, a teacher who can bring comprehension to even the most math-averse child, is offering several courses, both to review what children learned this past year (or were supposed to learn) and to prepare them for what they are expected to learn in the fall. Many parents are seeing the wisdom of signing their children up in both review and preview courses.

Summer is the perfect time to challenge students and to introduce them to some of the central elements of the Western intellectual tradition. Not only is there Shakespeare, but there are also the great philosophers Socrates, Plato, Descartes, Locke, Newton, Leibnitz, Rousseau, Hume, and Kant in Dr. Sharon Kaye’s Western philosophy course. Children can learn Latin with Dr. Frances Spielhagen and can meet the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece and Rome with Dr. Thomas Kemnitz. They can also take a course in the strategies, tactics, and battles of the ancient world. Alternatively, Ingrid Klass offers an introduction to Eastern traditions in short, three-day workshops on Jainism and Buddhism.

In American history, we offer courses on the battles of the American Revolution, slavery and abolition, the American Constitution, and journalism and political cartoons during the Spanish-American War.

Myrna Kemnitz is offering creative writing courses for budding authors, and Dr. Myriam Thompson is offering a singing introduction to Spanish, in addition to a more traditional introduction to Spanish and a highly innovative course in magical realism in Latin-American literature. Cody Rounds teaches courses in stress management, meditation, and art.

We will add more courses for the summer, many of them of short duration. We have all heard suggestions tossed around about how kids can spend their time when they are not in school, but many of them are merely diversions to pass the time. Royal Fireworks is determined to offer constructive alternatives so kids get the opportunity to learn new things, to read better materials, and to improve their knowledge and thinking capacity. We do not simply need to fill children’s time; we can use that time instead for personal development and a widening understanding of the world.

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