The Day the Thoughts Got Stuck Is an Academics’ Choice Award Winner!

Posted on: 05/02/2019 Back to all blog posts

We are proud to announce that The Day the Thoughts Got Stuck has received an Academics’ Choice Smart Book Award.

The Day the Thoughts Got Stuck is the second book in Ingrid Klass’s series about thinking for young children. In it, readers meet Rosa, a young girl who is unhappy with her birthday gift. Three characters representing ignorance, hate, and greed arrive to show her some unpleasant and ineffective ways of dealing with her unhappiness, until at last a fourth character appears and guides her to the true path toward happiness and satisfaction. The story is told in lively rhyme and features beautiful and engaging illustrations.

The Day the Thoughts Got Stuck was commended for the importance of its subject matter, its readability, and its illustrations. The reviewers were impressed with how the book helped children to understand and control their thoughts and emotions. “It’s a fun read,” wrote one. “The rhymes flow nicely, and it presents important topics.…” Multiple reviewers mentioned how approachable and appealing the characters are. And the illustrations by Christopher Tice were noted for special mention as being “beautiful,” as well as “colorful and inviting.”

Last month Ingrid Klass’s  Circle of Happiness (also beautifully illustrated by Christoper Tice) for older children won a gold seal as a Mom’s Choice Award. It introduces children to a number of Eastern philosophers, including the Buddha, Mahavira, Charvaka, Goshala, Confucius, Lao Tzu, and the Upanishadic philosophers.

This fall, Ingrid will lead an online discussion course about Eastern philosophy for children ages 10 and older. This is an excellent course for challenging children to think deeply and carefully about matters of existential importance.

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