Adventures on the American Frontier: Dyslexia Versions

An American History Series for Children with Dyslexia and Other Visual Processing Problems

The Adventures on the American Frontier series is a collection of books that introduce children to some of the people who made a difference in the shaping of America, many of whom never get mentioned in traditional history textbooks.

These illustrated books are all published in a special dyslexia-friendly font (called OpenDyslexia), with short lines and generous space between the lines. Each spread of two pages contains a QR code that will allow readers to hear a lively reading of the text so that they can follow along. Varying between the third- and eighth-grade reading levels, these books offer children a rich and rewarding way to get over the reading hump while learning about the pioneers, explorers, and adventures who helped to form this great nation.

There are more than a dozen sets of books being produced for this series, each one comprised of its own small series of approximately four to eight books. Although the books in each small series are numbered in sequence, each title also works as a standalone book, allowing readers the opportunity to select single titles of interest or the entire set, which is offered at a reduced price over purchasing each part independently. Note, however, that important terms are defined or explained in the first place they appear, and the stories build upon one another, making the reading of the books in chronological order a more rewarding experience for children who are new to the topic (or for adults who are embarking on new learning journeys with the children).

Each small series is derived from a single novel of the same name. The novels are printed in a standard font with a more typical formatting style and will become available in the near future for readers who do not wish to have these special editions but who want to enjoy the stories, too.

The first sets of books are coming out now, with multiple sets in process. They will be added to this list as they become available, so check back often!

Cowboys and Cattle Drives
This four-part series follows the early cowboys who forged trails across the wilderness as they drove great herds of cattle to market. It also includes the story of a man who kept law and order in a cattle shipping town at the end of the trail, as well as the little-known history of Will Rogers, a man who dreamed of becoming a cowboy and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Click here for this series.

Mail Riders
Getting information from one part of the country to another wasn’t easy in the early days of the United States. The U.S. government didn’t have a dedicated mail service for many years after its initial founding, so men like John Butterfield and William Russell, among others, decided to take matters into their own hands. They established the first cross-country overland mail routes by both stage and Pony Express, systematically connecting communities far and wide for the first time in the nation’s history. The books contained in this exciting seven-part series include little-known stories about Paul Revere and Mark Twain. Click here for this series.

Pioneer Show People
Actors and other performers traveled the early roads and the river systems of America to take their plays and shows to the settlements along the ever-expanding frontier. As the nation grew, so did the forms of entertainment and the ways in which entertainers brought their acts to the people who paid to see them. This four-part series explores the performers who pioneered taking their shows on the road in early America, including the famous crack shot Annie Oakley. Click here for this series.

Pirates and Privateers
Pirates are some of the most exciting and colorful characters to make up the history of early America, and privateersmen (men given permission by their government to attack and take the ships of enemy countries) were often confused for them, despite the significant difference in their missions. This fun six-part series brings to life the tales of some of the most notorious pirates and bravest privateersmen to sail the open seas around the eastern seaboard of the United States. Argh, matey! Click here for this series.

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