Announcing a New Book for Gifted, Intense Children

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Gifted children typically exhibit a variety of intensities. For example, they tend to be extremely intellectually curious and pursue topics of interest with passion and fervor. Some have wild imaginations and dream up elaborate fantasy worlds. Some seem to be overly emotional; they are highly sensitive to criticism and exhibit surprising degrees of empathy with others. These kinds of intensities are called overexcitabilities, and they are among the most common identifying characteristics of gifted children.

There are five different overexcitabilities (OEs), and gifted children can have one or more of them in any combination. But because these OEs are so intense, they can be hard for children to deal with, especially if they feel as though they are different from others in their responses to the world around them. This makes our newest book for young gifted children, The Intenso Family Goes to a New School, such an important contribution.

The Intenso Family Goes to a New School is a story about quintuplet dragons, each of whom exhibits one of the OEs. The siblings are nervous about their first day of school in a new city, but they have a warm and supportive mother and, they soon discover, a sympathetic and understanding teacher. With these two adults at the helm, the Intenso children are primed to have a wonderful school experience.

Children who read this book will be able to recognize and understand their own intensities better. And because the book discusses strategies that the Intensos can use to temper their intense reactions, children will learn methods for dealing with their intensities in healthy and productive ways.

Gifted children can also learn about the intensities through the Cheetah Stories, a series of books about cheetah cubs who exhibit the five overexcitabilities. They can also discover ways to calm themselves when their intensities are overwhelming them with the methods described in Breath Magic.

For parents who want to understand their intense children, “Mellow Out,” They Say. If Only I Could and From Stress to Success offer helpful information and strategies for dealing with problems effectively.

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