Announcing a New Course on the Literature of Ancient Greece

Posted on: 11/22/2019 Back to all blog posts

Dr. Thomas Milton Kemnitz will teach a course on the literature of Greece in the Classical Age in the Spring 2020 semester of the Royal Fireworks Press Online Learning Community.

Greece during the Classical Age (490-323 B.C.) was one of the most fertile and productive societies in the history of the world, and its contributions continue to be central to Western civilization. Among the new areas of human expression the Greeks created during that period were history, philosophy, and theater. This course will focus on those areas. Happily, much of the literature is short enough to enable students to read and comprehend it in its entirety.

The course will begin with excerpts from works by the first two great historians, Herodotus and Thucydides, to give students the necessary historical background for understanding much of the literature. Then they will read a mixture of the plays by the great Greek playwrights and the philosophy of Plato and Aristotle. For philosophy, students will read Plato’s Symposium and the Apology, as well as passages from Aristotle’s Poetics. For theater, they will read plays by Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, and Aristophanes.

Much of the emphasis of the course will be on the cultural context, as well as on any conventions of the individual genre. The design is to give the students a broad foundation on which they can build a deep appreciate of classical theater, philosophy, and history.

Registration for the spring semester is open now. The Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community is also offering courses in a variety of other subjects, and more will be added as they are confirmed.

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