Announcing a New Edition of a Book by Annemarie Roeper

Posted on: 09/25/2019 Back to all blog posts

Annemarie Roeper was an icon in the field of gifted education, and her books are revered by parents and educators everywhere for the ways in which they teach us to honor children and lift them up to become the best versions of themselves that they are capable of becoming.

In this newly edited and revised edition of her classic book Educating Children for Life, Annemarie criticized modern methods of teaching as faulty because they are based on old methods that are no longer relevant to the world as it exists today. In our globally interconnected world, how can a model that was developed hundreds of years ago still apply? How can it prepare today’s children for life after they leave school? Her answer was that it can’t.

Annemarie believed that an entirely new model for learning must replace the old methods in order to create new generations of self-actualized individuals who will push the world further with humanity and integrity. She and her husband created that model, and this book explains it for those who wish to understand it and even to recreate all of it or even just parts of it for their own students or children. The model is based on equal human rights for all that are the foundation of an interdependent global community in which everyone’s full Selves are realized and everyone’s unique Selves are respected and honored. Educating Children for Life explores Annemarie’s philosophies of life, of children, and of what education can and should be.

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