Announcing a New Latin Graphic Novel

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Latin graphic novel

Royal Fireworks Press has published its first curriculum component as a graphic novel! It is designed to appeal to middle-grade students. The content is our immersion Latin curriculum by Dr. Frances Spielhagen. The first two years of the curriculum introduce Latin vocabulary and grammar in a natural progression. The process is so easy and readily accessible that we published the first two parts in a format appropriate for elementary-age children. However, the intellectual challenge is no less appropriate for older children, and we wanted them to have the opportunity to learn Latin in a format that they would find enticing.

Casus Fabulae Romanae I is an immersion experience in which children are challenged to make meaning of the Latin from the context and repetition of the words. The process is intellectually exciting and all the more welcome because it circumvents the translation/memorization process that can make learning Latin drudgery from the outset. The book includes provisions for children to hear the Latin narrated. The implementation manuals make it possible for parents who do not know Latin to help their children learn the language, and they include downloadable audio files of questions and answers about the text, chapter by chapter, in Latin.

A significant feature of Casus Fabulae Romanae I is our dedication to the historical accuracy of the curriculum, which is set in the time of Hadrian, when the Roman Empire was at its peak. The book uses photographs of Roman sites and artifacts and historically accurate drawings to give context to the Latin. The historical context is carefully explained in the implementation manuals.

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