Announcing First Book in Our New Mathematical Lives Series

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Pascal and Fermat: The Probability Pen Pals

We are proud to announce Pascal and Fermat: The Probability Pen Pals, the first novel in our new Mathematical Lives series. Written by Robert Black, with whom many readers are familiar from his Mathematical Nights novels, the book delves into the lives of mathematicians Blaise Pascal and Pierre de Fermat as they joined forces to formulate the foundation of probability theory.

Pascal and Fermat introduces students to the field of probability theory, which became a special mathematical endeavor when Pascal was asked by a gambler what would be the best bet in a certain situation. More daunting than the mathematics itself was the process of developing a mindset that allowed him to think in terms of seeing the future. In this project, he enlisted the help of Fermat, who was a brilliant mathematician in his spare time. During the course of several months through an exchange of letters, the two men developed what is now known as probability theory. Together they made it possible for us to make reliable statements about the future.

See more information about Pascal and Fermat: The Probability Pen Pals.

The Mathematical Lives series will explore the lives and contributions of a number of innovative and groundbreaking mathematicians as readers are introduced to the people and the circumstances surrounding them. The books will also feature problems for readers to solve. The second book in this series will be announced soon.

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