Announcing new and revised MCT language arts books

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Announcing the grammar book for the new level of the curriculum

Michael Clay Thompson has long argued that grammar is simple and beautiful. Now once again he has proven it so with his newest book, The Grammar of Literature.

The Grammar of Literature introduces Michael Clay Thompson’s new t-model for picturing sentences. The t-model exquisitely showcases one of the crucial parts of MCT’s genius – his ability to render complex grammar relationships as simple but beautiful illustrations. The t-model.

  • makes clear the importance of nouns and verbs in relation to adjectives, adverbs, and other parts of speech and the importance of the subject and verb in relation to the other parts of the sentence.
  • graphically emphasizes the dichotomy between subject and predicate.
  • visually clarifies the distinction between action verbs and linking or feeling verbs
  • provides a simple, clear, and elegant visualization of phrases, particularly of verbal phrases.

This book is part of the new Literature Level of the Royal Fireworks Language Arts Curriculum.

8700 The Grammar of Literature Student Book $20.00
8717 The Grammar of Literature Teacher Manual $25.00


Fourth Edition

We now have an extensive revision of all three levels of The Magic Lens series with new material and new examples that take advantage of Michael Clay Thompson’s t-model to improve the clarity and elegance of these higher-level grammar books. The price of the new editions remains the same as for the old ones, which we ceased shipping early this month.


Second Edition

All three volumes of Advanced Academic Writing in the MCT Writing Program have been revised and updated and are now published as a second edition. We ceased shipping the first edition early this month and held orders pending the arrival of the new books. The new edition reflects the new mandates of the MLA; as with The Magic Lens, the price has not changed.


Second Edition

To bring it into conformity with the new MLA mandates, we have revised Opus 40, the manual with a CD that makes available all of Michael Clay Thompson’s grading comments for you to use when grading advanced academic writing.

4687 OPUS 40 Second Edition with CD $30.00

A Note on the Royal Fireworks Language Arts Curriculum

We have listened… thank you.

We are now in our fourth decade of working on this curriculum by Michael Clay Thompson, and we continue to find major ways to improve it. For the past 18 months we have made a concerted effort to review each book and correct any errors that we missed on initial publication or updates that have occurred since then. Many of the changes were so minor that they went unmentioned at the time of the new printing. Those corrections are embodied in these new editions. We think constantly about this curriculum, about how we can improve the student experience, about how we can enable you to have a more sophisticated and satisfying pedagogic interaction with your children, students, and classes. We also listen to you, and many of the alterations to The Magic Lens came from feedback from you and your children or students. We have taken the opportunity of this extensive upgrade to enhance the beauty of our books by improving many of the illustrations and creating new covers. The t-model exquisitely showcases one of the crucial parts of MCT’s genius – his ability to render complex grammar relationships as simple but beautiful illustrations.

We thank you for all the ways you have helped us make a better curriculum, for your suggestions and criticisms, for your bringing errors and omissions to our attention, and for sharing with us your experience with your children, students, and classes. We cherish the stories of your success and your children’s excitement, and we take to heart your criticisms and suggestions. As long as we exist, we will continue to try to improve our curricula and to justify your faith in us.

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