Announcing New Biographical American History Books

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Royal Fireworks Press announces the publication of new, revised editions of the series of books entitled Adventures on the American Frontier. These books are biographical novels that tell the stories of many of the people who were important to the development of American history—people who are often left out of traditional history books. Biographical stories are an important entry point for many children into history, welcoming them in with tales of the real people who shaped the world to be what it is today.

The Adventures on the American Frontier series was originally written by Edith McCall more than a half-century ago. During that time, our understanding of events and people has changed, sometimes dramatically. We have become more sensitive to the perspectives and differences of others, allowing us to tell these stories in greater breadth and with a more balanced sense of equanimity. In this age of information, we are also able to find and verify facts and details that previously were unavailable to researchers and authors, and so the revisions of these books include changes that retain the spirit of the original works but with a modern understanding of historical events and a more sensitive awareness of human equity.

The first four books are now available: Cowboys and Cattle Drives, Pirates and Privateers, Mail Riders, and Pioneer Show People. The fifth book is due out soon. There are a total of fifteen books, and the others will become available as they are produced. In all, they tell dozens of fascinating tales about some of America’s most interesting unsung heroes, as well as some little-known stories about historical figures whom everyone knows and loves. These are the people who built this country and pushed it forward with innovative ideas and daring expeditions and risky acts of bravery that resulted in great rewards. They settled the land and built the economy with their hard work and dedication.

These books are illustrated with the art of Christopher Tice, who captures the stories in visual drawings that bring them to life. Chris is also the principal designer of the Adventures on the American Frontier Dyslexia Series, which is a collection of these books that are produced with special modifications for children who struggle with reading disorders. Those books also feature audio of the books being narrated so that children can follow along.

Edith McCall did not know how the world would look in 2019, but she knew that children love stories and that there are so many more stories to share about the history of America than what most of them will ever learn in history classes. Her stories are retold here for children to enjoy, and we are proud to publish them in these new editions.

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