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Love Math or Hate Math

math courses from Royal Fireworks

We have a course for you.

Does your child love math? Is he or she happy figuring out “If two trains left the station at the same time…”?

Or does the mere suggestion of a word problem cause anxiety and muttering of “Who cares about stupid trains…”?

Either way, we have the perfect course for the math lover or the math non-lover. Royal Fireworks Press is pleased to announce the addition of four new math courses to the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community. These eight-week mini-courses focus on problem-solving strategies.

The first class is on February 6, and registration is open now.

Here is a quick summary:

Math Problem-Solving Strategies
There are three courses that will help children develop problem-solving strategies. Students will be presented with a series of difficult problems that at first might seem overwhelming. They will learn a variety of approaches to solving these math problems, which will enable them to apply the strategies confidently across a broad range of mathematical challenges. The levels of the courses are based on fourth, fifth, and sixth grades.

Middle School Math for Struggling Students
Many children hit a wall in mathematics in middle school. This eight-week course is designed to help them find a path to mathematical confidence and success. It emphasizes empowering strategies and approaches to enable the students to visualize problems as a series of easy steps. Students will get individual attention and help. See full course description.

Allen Gross is the instructor for these courses. He was an adjunct mathematics professor for nineteen years at LaGuardia Community College, and he taught SAT math review classes for ten years. He is looking forward to teaching students in this new online medium.

Be sure to check out our full course listings at

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