Announcing the Royal Fireworks Philosophy Curriculum

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New: Royal Fireworks Philosophy Curriculum

We are proud and excited to announce the first book in our new philosophy curriculum: Question Mark. It is everything we look for in a curriculum book for children: enjoyable, brilliantly creative, innovative, gorgeously illustrated, engaging, and intellectually uplifting. It is an awesome introduction to academic philosophy for young children. Our unbounded enthusiasm for this book arises from the perfect marriage between Sharon Kaye’s brilliantly innovative approach and Jordan Novak’s sensitive and creative visual rendering of Dr. Kaye’s intent.

Question Mark is less of a textbook and more of a picture book, with mind-opening ideas and activities conveyed through2850 words and images working together. The fifteen chapters fall into three parts, corresponding to the three central philosophical skills we aim to impart: questioning, doubting, and being certain. These are fundamental skills that have inspired great thinkers throughout the history of civilization to build and transform the intellectual world.

Throughout the book children are encouraged to think about some of the central tenets of a wide variety of the most important Western philosophers: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Hypatia, Descartes, Locke, Hume, Kant, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Mill, Dewey, Russell, and de Beauvoir. The glory of the book is that it not only makes this intensely intellectual fare easily comprehensible but also actualizes its affective content so the children experience and feel the emotional importance of the philosophical concerns. And the cherry on top is that it is FUN.

The children will get it, and they will love getting it. And it has no intellectual or emotional ceiling. The sky is the limit. Their imaginations can soar as high as they want to go.

This is truly Royal Fireworks curriculum.

The Teacher Manual gives you the philosophical background, questions, and activities to enable you to help your child explore the possibilities fully.
We have published the student book in two bindings: saddle stitch for classroom and homeschool and perfect bound for libraries. The saddle stitch book is more convenient for the repeated readings that some young deep thinkers will want as they work through the implications of the story; its price is $25. The perfect bound will cost $30 and has the advantage of a printed spine so that it can be found readily on a shelf. The teacher manual is $12.50 and is saddle stitched. BUY NOW

Dr. Sharon Kaye is Professor of Philosophy at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. She runs a Philosophy of Kids internship program in which undergraduate students teach philosophy to honors middle school students. She has published numerous articles and books, which have been translated into Japanese, Greek, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, and Slovak. She is the mother of two young children.

Jordan Novak is a children’s book author and illustrator who lives in the Hudson Valley and is raising three little humans.

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