Announcing the second volume of our Latin curriculum

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We are proud to announce the publication of the much-anticipated second volume of our Latin curriculum by Dr. Frances R. Spielhagen.

This is an immersive program of learning. Children make meaning of the words by viewing them in the context of the story, which is richly illustrated with drawings by Christopher Tice and photographs of the remnants of the ancient Roman world taken by Dr. T.M. Kemnitz. The books draw the children in, and they learn the Latin because they are curious about the story and are inspired to figure out the meaning of the text. It becomes fun, not the dull drudgery of memorizing lists of vocabulary words and verb forms that often comes with traditional language instruction.

The first volume, Ecce Caecilia et Verus, is about a young girl named Cecilia and her twin brother Verus, who live in ancient Rome. Cecilia introduces young readers to her family, her villa, the clothing they wear, and the foods they eat.

The second volume, Caecilia et Verus in Foro Romano, follows Cecilia and Verus as they take a walk through the Roman Forum along the Via Sacra. They pass the Flavian Amphitheater (now known as the Colosseum) and see other temples and historically significant sites. In the course of their walk, the twins impart a great deal of the lore that would have been common knowledge in their day.

Both volumes come with an instructor manual, which contains translations of the student text, vocabulary, the grammar and forms that are used in each chapter, and other helpful information, including explanations of the photographs in the student book and a section that explains the Roman history and culture of the time period during which the story takes place.

As a bonus, all of the books come with a link to downloadable audio files of the author reading the pages of the student books, as well as question-and-answer pages that appear in the instructor manuals for each chapter. This enables children (and their instructors) to hear the pronunciation of the Latin.

All of the Latin books are also available as iBooks. Each page of the student texts contains the audio of the Latin that appears on that page. In addition, the question-and-answer pages from the instructor manuals are included for each chapter of the student iBooks, where they are interactive and contain audio of both the questions and the answers in Latin.

Read more about our Latin curriculum.

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