Another Honor for the MCT Language Arts Curriculum

Posted on: 07/26/2019 Back to all blog posts

The readers of Practical Homeschooling magazine have voted Michael Clay Thompson’s language arts curriculum the best for online instruction.

The MCT curriculum is available in three forms online. First and foremost, it is taught in many online classes from many different sources. The luckiest children are those who are instructed by Michael Clay Thompson himself in the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community. The students, as well as their parents, express their astonishment and delight with how much their writing improves during the course of the year. Week by week, year by year, Michael makes the children ever more mindful of each detail of their writing as they master all facets of language arts and thoroughly enjoy the literature that is part of each year. The children not only are proud of their increasing awareness and ability but also are empowered by their command of grammar, vocabulary, writing, and poetic techniques. Part of the fun of these courses is the ways in which Michael goes beyond the texts in offering images, background, and interchanges that enhance the students’ understanding and emotional attachment to the material. These online courses truly are formative experiences for the children who have the opportunity to take them.

The MCT curriculum is also available as a series of iBooks for Apple devices. Available from Apple’s iTunes, each student book has been specially formatted for delivery on the iPad. The quality of Apple screen technology allows us to provide stunningly beautiful online experiences that are self-paced and often enriched beyond the level of the printed texts. The instructor manuals are also available as iBooks for each level of the curriculum.

Finally, the grammar, vocabulary, and practice strands of the curriculum are available online on the MCT Mentor Network, which offers the student texts along with quizzes and a wide variety of other activities on any computer. Like the iBooks, the mentor network goes beyond the printed text in the range of images and activities that it offers, and it is superior to the iBooks in providing a record of the child’s performance on all the quizzes and activities in the program.

We congratulate Michael for yet another award for his curriculum, and we are proud to offer it in print and electronic formats that can enable children everywhere to enjoy it.

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