Architecture: A Beginner’s Guide

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Unity House Architect Francis Wickham
This online course is an introduction to architecture and its history, with a survey of architectural styles from the ancient world to the present day. Originally offered as a mini-course, this fall it has been expanded to a full semester. See Architecture: A Beginner’s Guide for the course description.

Architecture surrounds us, and yet we fail to teach our children about it—how to read it, how to understand it, what its traditions and conventions are, how it relates to our history and our democracy, its place in controlling our actions and shaping our assumptions, and its ability to contribute to our happiness or impede our comfort. How does one tell good architecture from bad? What should one look at and for in a building? Once children understand architecture and appreciate its importance, their awareness of the world around them increases in ways that are emotionally and intellectually significant. Knowledge of architecture provides a key to help understand our physical world.

Francis Wickham is a distinguished architect with a long career of designing buildings around the world, and he has proven to be a popular teacher with students in our online classes. Having designed buildings that were built around the world, his theoretical understanding and historical knowledge match his practical experience. We are excited to have him return with this expanded course.

This is a unique opportunity for your child to learn from one of the great experts of architecture.

The first class is August 16. Register today to reserve your child’s seat.

More information on this course and others can be found on the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community website:

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