Myrna Kemnitz

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Myrna Kemnitz has had a distinguished career in education, beginning as a classroom English teacher and rising to directorships of district-wide state and federally funded programs. She has partnered with curriculum developers, state and city program administrators, school administrators, public and non-public school teachers and parent groups, and homeschoolers. She taught writing for decades in the New York public schools, and she also trained teachers in the instruction of creative writing. In addition, she served as editor of many of the Royal Fireworks Press novels. Myrna currently teaches online courses in creative writing to children. She is the author of the four-volume series Suppose the Wolf Were an Octopus, the children’s book Our Friend the Mastodon, and the book What Valley View Has Meant to Orange County, and she is a co-author of Bully Frog: A Teaching Story Package for Early Childhood Understanding of Bullying and the Forlorn Frog’s Fantastic Valentine’s Day teacher package.

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