Willard L. White

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Willard L. White, Ph.D., is a teacher trainer in gifted education, a consultant to school districts in program development and developing curricula for gifted and advanced students, a presenter at state and national conferences, and an instructor at Florida Atlantic University. He has been Executive Secretary of the Michigan Alliance for Gifted (MAGE) Annual Conference and Coordinator of Gifted Programs in Palm Beach County, Florida, one of the few states that mandates special programs for gifted students. He is the author of America’s First Gifted Program: Hollingworth and the Speyer School Experiment, a result of work undertaken for his doctorate when he had access to forty boxes of painstakingly-recorded data on highly advanced students from the Speyer School experimental program for rapid learners in New York City, 1935–1940, the first program for gifted students in America.

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