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At Royal Fireworks Press, we love books, and we strive to produce beautiful books that will help children love books as much as we do. However, it is much harder to love books when you struggle with a reading disorder. So we are reaching out to those kids who may have trouble loving to read by offering some of our titles in a special dyslexia-friendly font. Many kids—and adults too—say that this font helps them to read. This allows us to welcome dyslexic children into the world of reading and loving books, which is something that should be denied to no child.

We began using this font in some of our books during the summer, but we are constantly expanding our offerings. Click here to see our current titles. We have a page dedicated to books printed in the dyslexia-friendly font, so bookmark it and check back often for new additions.

We have also teamed up with Dr. Kenneth A. Lane to offer a vision therapy package of workbooks designed to help dyslexic children with reading proficiency. The dyslexia package includes nine workbooks offered together at a discounted price. See the Dyslexia Workbook Package.

Dyslexia is not the only reading disorder. There are other reading disabilities, and they are not all treated in the same way. The LARS is a free online screening instrument that enables adults to discern what a child’s specific problems are. Once parents know what is hindering their child’s reading ability, they can purchase packages of workbooks that contain exercises to strengthen weak areas and bring the child to reading proficiency.

Parents aren’t the only ones who can help a child with a reading disorder. Teachers can help, too, by using a variety of strategies in the classroom. The Inconvenient Student offers teachers helpful tips to enable children with reading disorders (as well as a variety of other learning and behavioral disorders and disabilities) to succeed in school. Parents can take the ideas in this book to their child’s teachers to help work out a plan to give the child the best academic experience possible.

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