Testimonials for the Bully Frog Bullying Prevention Program

“As a professor of education responsible for teaching teachers at the graduate level, I have been privileged to have the Bully Frog Program presented in my classes numerous times over the past several years. Roni and Ginger have always spoken to my students in a powerful, direct, informative manner that gets this very important content about bullying across to the audience quickly and meaningfully. The workshops provide current statistics, examples, and remedies that professionals and others interested in obliterating this national epidemic can use. Additionally, the presenters know how to adapt their program so that they can teach children to be empowered about bullying.

“I highly recommend this program for use with any audience concerned with social or educational problems. The presenters are true professionals who can easily tailor the content to meet the needs of the audience. They can easily sense the ‘pulse’ of the participants and modify as needed.”

Rosalie (Sally) Schwartz, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Touro College, Graduate School of Education

“A collaborative effort has been created with faculty and counselors to implement the Bully Frog Program into everyday activities. The passion of your presentations left a lasting impression here at P.S. 203K. We feel strongly that your presentation had a positive impact on the culture of the school, and the tools that you have provided us with through this presentation will be put into practice. Your expertise and insights were extremely valuable.

“On behalf of the staff at P.S. 203, I would once again like to extend my appreciation for your time, effort, and expertise. Each child will gain immensely from the tools you have provided the staff with. I look forward to working in a bully-free school.”

Lori Skunca, M.S., Guidance Counselor, The Floyd Bennett School

“Thank you for the wonderful seminar you gave last night. I have heard so much positive feedback from parents and teachers who attended, and I wish we could have continued the seminar for another hour! You should be proud of the message you are able to deliver to parents and children, and it truly will help to make our world a better place! We are looking forward to having the Bully Frog Program in our school at the end of the month. I know the students will gain so much from your lessons.”

Adrianne Roth, Berry Hill PTA President

“I have had the opportunity to use the book Bully Frog during presentations to several second-grade classes over this past year. I have found your book to be very helpful in delivering anti-bullying information to the lower grades. When utilized properly, Bully Frog can be very interactive. I have found that the children enjoy participating and often speak out about incidents they have experienced. I look forward to using Bully Frog even more in the upcoming year.”

Officer E. Dilbert, Palm Beach County School District Police

“The Bully Frog book and program actually trace the source of the bully and show how a bully was created. My class’s comments ranged from ‘It showed you both sides of the mean kid story’ to ‘Wow, I didn’t think anyone cared about that stuff.’ Bully Frog should be part of the curriculum of every elementary school in the nation. The book should be on the shelf of every library. The delightful poster featuring all the characters and the rules to stop bullying should hang in every early childhood classroom.”

Greg Scesney, Teacher, New York

“I wanted to update you regarding the current status of Bully Frog in the School District of Palm Beach County, Florida. The Department of Safe Schools and the Prevention Center have provided our elementary guidance counselors, school police officers, and twenty Palm Beach County sheriffs’ officers with the Bully Frog story cards and matching overhead transparencies. Our intention is to use Bully Frog to complement our Character Counts, a State of Florida Mandate, and also to support all of our violence prevention efforts. The guidance counselors have adopted Bully Frog as a resource to be used in their small-group and classroom counseling sessions; both are school district requirements. I’m most encouraged regarding the feedback that the officers are receiving from the classroom teachers. Teachers have reported that since the officers have been facilitating Bully Frog in their classrooms, they have observed a(n):

  • Improvement in the “social climate” of their classroom
  • Reduction in student reports of direct forms of bullying behavior, specifically name-calling, teasing, and fighting
  • Reduction in student reports of indirect forms of relational aggression, exclusion, isolation, and gossip
  • Increased use of empathetic responses of students to students who are being treated with disrespect and meanness

“Please note that Bully Frog is also currently under review by the Elementary Education Reading and Curriculum Department and is to become one of the required literary resources for our reading coaches.”

Kim Mazauskas, Department of Safe Schools, The School District of Palm Beach County, FL

“I would like to acknowledge an extraordinary anti-bullying program, Bully Frog. The program was presented to all of our sixth graders, faculty, and parents. Staff expressed how long overdue a program of this agenda is for all schools. Students found how important it is to avoid being a bully and to support those who may be victims. LIPEN has a dynamic presentation, and I recommend their services without hesitation.”

Samuel Thompson, Dean of Students, Baldwin, NY

“I am the Principal of St. Patrick’s School in Huntington. Two years ago, LIPEN presented workshops to the teachers, students from fifth to eighth grade, and parents. The workshops on all three levels were informative, interactive, and excellently presented. This February, LIPEN returned, and they presented three days of workshops to kids in kindergarten to eighth grade. The presenters Roni Benson and Ginger Lieberman are excellent. They relate to the children on their grade level, and they address the issues that need to be addressed. The presentations are interactive; the children are asked questions, and they respond. Cyberbullying was also discussed. I highly recommend this program for all schools, parents, and teachers.”

Sister Maureen McDade, Principal, Huntington, NY

“As an elementary school principal, I must thank you for creating such an excellent character education program. Our school psychologist and social worker have teamed up using the Bully Frog materials, and the results have been wonderful! I applaud the creativity and sensitivity about the topic of bullying, which is becoming more and more problematic.”

Ronelle Hershkowitz, Principal, New York

“The enthusiasm of your lectures indicates your commitment and dedication to the prevention of youth violence. The Bully Frog Program achieves great success by providing insight and ideas for establishing a safe and secure school setting and also for teaching how to provide for an emotional environment where optimum learning can occur.

Jeffrey Dicker, Asst. Professor of Education and Director of Student Teaching, Touro College Graduate School, New York City

“I highly recommend the Bully Frog Program to any school district that is trying to reduce bullying. Roni Benson and Ginger Lieberman were both entertaining and highly informative. The students found their presentations very engaging and compelling.”

William J. Peppiatt, Ph.D., Director of Curriculum, Fort Lee, NJ

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