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Mud has a series of his own

Characters created by Michael Clay Thompson to enliven his grammar and writing books have been given a new life in novels of their own. Several students contacted us for more about the talking fish and ducks, so now Michael has written three novels with the fish whose name is Mud from Sentence Island as the hero of the adventures. The stories also feature Oopsy and Daisy the pelicans, Click the sandpiper and Clack the lobster, Fidget, Mud’s subject/verb cricket friend and Fishmeal and Queequack from Paragraph Town.

Because it is MCT these tales have a purpose as well as being fun. He calls the books Classic Words Novels, using words found frequently in classic literature, “…so that the vocabulary is not an obstacle but a treat. These novels about Mud will prepare children to read classics with ease and enjoyment.”

The Mud novels are: The Rescue at Fragment Crag, The Red Tide and The Green-Face Virus. There is a Parent Manual for homeschoolers and a Teacher Manual for school use.

Pre-publication: Saving 25% on the normal prices this weekend

For homeschool: set of 3 novels and Parent Manual $30.00
For school use: set of 3 novels with Teacher Manual $30.00
Set of additional novels $21.00

– Price applies from Friday 7th December to midnight (EST) Sunday 9th December
– These are pre-publication so please note that these books will ship about Dec 14th
– These Mud novels will also appear as iBooks in the near future

Awards continue for Shelagh Gallagher

Congratulations to Dr Shelagh Gallagher. Her Hull House, Living Democracy in the Progressive Era, a Problem-Based Learning Unit, won the National Association for Gifted Children Curriculum Award at this year’s annual convention in Denver, Colorado in November. Co-authored with Dana Plowden, the Unit was developed for Fairfax County Public schools, Virgina and is the 4th unit in her PBL series to have won the award. The others are: Black Death; Excluded, Chinese Immigration to the US, and the upcoming Mosquito Coast. Problem-Based Learning immerses students in real-world, complex situations in order to learn core curriculum. The structure allows many opportunities to build in Common Core skills including non-fiction reading, analysis, research, writing, speaking.

New Titles

Asynchrony and the Gifted Child

An important new book on Gifted Education by leading experts in the field: Off the Charts: Asynchrony and the Gifted Child. Edited by Christine S Neville, Michael M Piechowski and Stephanie Tolan, contributors include Annemarie Roeper to whom the book is dedicated. The editors have brought together 19 essays by renowned gifted education specialists to produce this important new publication in which they contend that Gifted Education should be from a child-centered perspective, rather than from a ‘product perspective’ in which the emphasis is on achievement, competition, and outer recognition. The child-centered approach concentrates on self-development and personal growth and fosters interrelatedness and wholeness. There are sample, downloadable chapters on the website.

Making Bad Stuff Good

We are delighted to announce the publication of the latest book from award-winning author, Sandra McCleod Humphrey. Making Bad Stuff Good is the result of more than 35 years of working with young people as a clinical psychologist and helping them through the years of growing up. The message of the book is that happiness is an attitude, not a condition! Be sure to read the pre-publication recommendations.

Special price this weekend: $7.50 (normally $10.00)

Holiday Specials…

Historical, adventure and mystery novels from Royal Fireworks Press

Special price: $6.00 Saving 25% off the normal price for the weekend of December 7th to midnight on Sunday 9th December (Eastern Standard Time)

See each link for a full description, cover image and sample pages.

A Burning of Prayers Paul Sullivan. Adventure on a Mayan archaeological site.

An Unusual Education Jeff Shade. Adventure with super-gifted children.

Blind Horse Bluff C Ellen Culverwell. Thoughtful, uplifting story for horse lovers.

Evil Toy Tanks Tom Townsend. Fantasy adventure in post-war Germany.

Goodbye Tchaikovsky Michael Thal. Highly recommended about deaf teen.

Date for the Dance was his Science Project David Mull. Fun with highly-gifted kid.

Hold on Tight Heather Klassen. 1960s America, Vietnam war protests.

In Sherman’s Path J. F. Spieles. Compelling tale of the Civil War.

Most Beautiful Jennifer S Burrows. Coming of age at 9/11.

Mystery of Mingus Mountain Jan White. Mystery adventure in Arizona.

Strap Bar Christi Thomas-McEachern. A ‘must-read’ for young athletes.

The Homestead Series Esther Allen Peterson. Family tales of North Dakota.

Through The Door to Danger Shannon Teper. Back to 1968 desegregation.

Trouble At The Scriptorium Anne E Johnson. Knights, monks and music.

Unswept Graves Robert Black. 1890s in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

And for the younger ones:

The Man Who Could Be Santa Joanna Wolper. A story to put the heart back into the holidays!

A puzzle book for grades 3-6 (and beyond!)
Puzzles and Projects for Bright Scholars by Rita Hogan Keuten.
Normally $7.50, special: $6.00.

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