International Orders

International Orders

We are pleased to ship our books to overseas customers. Here is how the shipping costs are calculated:

When you order online from outside the United States, our system automatically charges you the U.S. domestic shipping price. We then notify you of the remaining shipping cost, and we only charge you what it costs us to send you your books. If the order was through PayPal, the additional amount can be deposited via PayPal at If your order was made with a credit card rather than PayPal, we do not see your original credit card details, as we use a secure server, so we will ask for your card number and expiration date for this.

If you wish to discuss your preferences for shipping or to find out the price before you order, please email us at

MCT Packages or Multiple Books: You can still email us to discuss pricing, but as a general rule, they are sent in U.S. Post Office International Priority Flat Rate boxes.

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