A New Eastern Philosophy New Book

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Help your child begin the new year with a little more peace, mindfulness, and contentment.

Royal Fireworks Press announces The Day the Thoughts Got Stuck, the new Eastern philosophy book by Ingrid Klass. Readers familiar with The Day the Thought Bubbles Got in the Way will recognize and remember our protagonist Rosa from that book, where she and her friend Kevin discovered that their thoughts were making them unhappy. In this volume, Rosa returns with a new problem.

Rosa knows what she wants for her birthday, but when she gets something different, she realizes that she cannot shake her desire for her original wish and her dislike for the gift she received. A colorful cast of characters enters her room to convince her of various ways of handling her situation, all with equally dismal results, until a wise character arrives to show her the truth about her predicament. Children will learn the way to find happiness, which is not in their desires or their aversions. It is in the here and now, and it is achieved with a clear and calm mind. The book concludes with Rosa excited to share her new awareness with others.

The Day the Thoughts Got Stuck is a delightful story told in metered rhyme, with gorgeous illustrated pages by artist Christopher Tice. It offers lessons of mindfulness to readers of all ages, although it is specifically designed for children ages 5-9.

This book is also available as an iBook.

Learn more about this book.

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