Expanded Online Course Offerings from Royal Fireworks

Posted on: 07/10/2020 Back to all blog posts

As you consider the educational options for your children this fall, we would like to remind you that the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community offers an expanding array of high-level courses for children, teens, and young adults. Fields of study range from language arts to math and science. We offer history from ancient Greece and Rome to the modern world. We have exciting programs in Latin and Spanish. There are special courses in philosophy and architecture and creative writing.

Our newest offerings include two new courses for elementary-level students in science. In The Science of Water, children will learn about water’s unique chemical and physical properties, as well as related topics such as the force of surface tension and the buoyancy of solids and liquids in water. Students taking this course will be exposed to the scientific method, the metric system, and inquiry-based science. The Science of Ancient Egypt will cover the scientific aspects of ancient Egyptian culture. Children will study such topics as the geography, climate, and ecosystems surrounding the Nile River and the Sahara Desert; the natural resources that the Egyptians used to make glass and the metals that were available to them; and the machines of the ancient Egyptians, which will help students to appreciate the unsolved mysteries of the pyramids. Like our other offerings, these two courses are sure to keep children excited about learning.

Our students tend to be distinguished by their eagerness to embrace challenge, but we also offer courses specifically for those children who are math-averse, and we are experienced with twice-exceptional children who need special attention or accommodations in order to learn. Our instructors are high-level experts who are experienced, patient, and encouraging, and our students consistently report positive academic experiences in our online learning community.

We encourage you to look at what we have to offer now, but we are continually adding more courses. We’ll send out announcements about those as we confirm them, but check our website for the most up-to-date information. It is our goal to offer children a safe educational experience that will enable them to learn and grow, even while the world around them is changing. The one thing that will never change is our commitment to providing children with exceptional academic opportunities.

Stay safe.

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