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Convention Calendar for MCT

It is always a joy to discuss the education of your students with you and to hear about your experience of our materials, so we look forward to meeting as many of you as possible at upcoming conventions.

Michael Clay Thompson is presenting at most of the conventions that we are attending, and Dr Tom Kemnitz is usually present on the booth. At APACHE we are fortunate to have parents to present the MCT curriculum.

We bring a selection of our books to the booth – though with more than 900 titles in print it can only be a taster. Visitors are frequently surprised at the range of our subject material. As well as MCT you can find books ranging from African-American history to Astronauts, Language Arts to Leadership, Parenting to Pirates, Socratic Seminars to Screen Printing.

And of course you get free shipping if you order at the booth.
February 25 – 27, CAG
California Association for the Gifted,
RFP booths 103/104March 3 – 5
The Mid South Homeschool Convention, Memphis, TN
Michael Clay Thompson and Dr TM Kemnitz presenting.
RFP Booths 301/303

March 9 – 11
Curriculum Network Conference William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA
Michael Clay Thompson presenting. RFP booth

March 17
North Carolina Association for the Gifted Winston-Salem NC
Michael Clay Thompson presenting.

March 17, 18 & 19
The South East Homeschool Convention, Greenville, SC
Michael Clay Thompson and Dr TM Kemnitz presenting. RFP boothMarch 31 – April 2
Mid-West Homeschool Convention, Cincinnati, Ohio
Michael Clay Thompson and Dr TM Kemnitz presenting.
RFP booths 410/412

April 15 & 16
APACHE 22nd Annual Heart of Illinois Convention of Home Educators. RFP booth

June 23 – 25
The North East Homeschool Convention, Philadelphia, PA
Michael Clay Thompson and Dr TM Kemnitz presenting. RFP booth

SC-FI CONTEST chooses Royal Fireworks as publisher

A creative writing contest to write follow-on episodes of a school sci-fi novel entitled STAR HIGH Chronicles, has chosen Royal Fireworks Press as its publisher. The challenge has gone out via the community calendar postings of Public Radio and TV. All high schools are eligible and some are making it a class project.

Winners earn $100 for having their stories posted and the added incentive of becoming eligible to co-author a future STAR HIGH diary from Royal Fireworks Press. There are larger prizes for schools entering.

The Star High Chronicles is a unique undertaking by a variety of young authors from across the country, all champions and finalists of the Stellar Scholars Aurora Awards in Creative Writing, collaborating on their own initiative to write a series of fictional high school journals. This is not just a student diary, but a journal of day-to-day school experiences about an academy comprised of thirty-six Earth teens and fourteen E.T.s from a runaway asteroid.

Francis Dattilo, co-chair, Stellar Scholars: “An essential difference between us and other competitions of the academic kind is that we not only encourage future writers (in the case of our Aurora Awards) but we challenge them to become professional writers. Thanks to enlightened publishers like Dr. Tom Kemnitz and his Royal Fireworks Press, gifted students like Kelsey King are getting their very first published bylines.”

Young writers need to read the story so far and then enter by 15th March.
Order a copy of STAR HIGH CHRONICLES online Price: $7.99

To submit entries and learn more about the award and prizes for individuals and schools: or email

A new, significant, and practical contribution to the field of Gifted Education

Normalizing Data for Identification of Gifted Students, by Sharon Ryan BS, MA, MBA, deals with the problems inherent in gifted identification procedures and simplifies the process with easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions for implementing an alternative identification matrix. Using the CD-ROM, you can enter student test scores and begin using the method immediately for gifted identification.

NEW Nature Study Books


This is an age when children are more familiar with video-game monsters and alien mutants than snails and centipedes.

As hectic schedules have replaced leisurely rambles, today´s children are in danger of losing nature´s lore and all that goes with it, says author of Nature Study for the Whole Family, a new book by LAUREL DODGE.

We are very excited about this beginning to a new series designed to get families into the great outdoors or just into the nearest bit of scrap land to observe the changing seasons. Read more.

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