Flashcards for Caesar’s English

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In response to many requests, we have produced 4×6-inch flashcards of the Latin stems and English vocabulary words that appear in Michael Clay Thompson’s Caesar’s English books. Both sets of flashcards are printed on durable card stock. They have the word or stem printed on the front and the definition on the back. The large, black type is easy to read, and the large size of the cards makes them easy to handle. Each set comes in a sturdy, clear plastic envelope with a no-fuss clasp to enable convenient storage. There are 150 cards in each pack.

Flashcards are a great memory aid. An essential component of the MCT curriculum is the memorization of essential stems and classic words that Michael has identified in his research as being important to mastering the English language. Flashcards have been shown to facilitate that process by engaging active recall and allowing for confidence-building repetition.

These flashcards have the great advantage of being easy to sort. They are packaged in sequential order by lesson and thus are convenient to use as each lesson progresses. The cards are labeled by lesson, allowing them to be shuffled and rearranged to offer more challenging practice sessions and then resorted by lesson.

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