High-Level Fun for Children during Winter Break!

Posted on: 12/20/2021 Back to all blog posts

The Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community is offering a variety of three-day workshops for children during the winter break. Structured as an hour each day on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, these workshops are designed to develop kids’ creativity, resourcefulness, knowledge, and skills, as well as to give them a positive alternative to video games or boredom.

Workshops that begin tomorrow include the exploration and colonization of Mars, paper plate origami, an introduction to the use of oil pastels in art, and mindfulness.

In the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, there is a workshop on the secret life of trees, an art workshop on drawing animals, a meditation workshop, a debate workshop, and Michael Clay Thompson reading his delightful new book Poodle Knows Poetry—a book with made-up words that only the author knows how to pronounce.

In the week after New Year’s, there is a second debate workshop, a session on the secrets of the calendar, a math games workshop, and a breathing techniques workshop.

With omicron menacing our holidays, these workshops might be just what the doctor ordered! Enroll today!

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