Historical Novels for Children

At Royal Fireworks Press, we believe that one of the best ways to teach children history is to immerse them in it through good books. A well-crafted tale, even a fictitious one, can allow children to experience what it might have been like living in a different time and a perhaps even a different place, giving them a sense of history in a way that brings it alive to them. Not unimportantly, however, it also allows them to view the world through another’s eyes, fostering empathy as they experience the joys and sorrows, the triumphs and tribulations of characters who may not have existed in the real world but who become very real in the hearts and minds of the youngsters who read about them.

We are proud of our vast selection of historical novels for children, which explore history from ancient times to the present day and which span the globe in their reach, although the primary focus after the year 1800 is on American history. Because of the extraordinary number of titles we have available, we have divided them into time periods for easier navigating. Click any of the links below to find books that will provide for children a view into a world that is both our own and also not at all the one we know, bringing history out of the dusty past and into the bright light of the present.

World History Before Columbus

World History After Columbus

The Colonies and the United States Before 1800

The Nineteenth Century to the End of the Civil War

Late Nineteenth-Century America

The Twentieth Century to the End of World War II

The Post-War World

The Twenty-First Century

Several of the historical novels are about the immigrant experience in America. As such, even though they appear in the historical novels pages, we also have collected them into a series of their own, called Stories of Immigrants: Coming to America.

In addition, we have a set of books not listed among those above but that are both historical novels and an exploration of the immigrant experience in America. This series of six novels follows two Norwegian families who come to American to build a new life for themselves, taking advantage of the 1862 Homestead Act. This is an excellent set of novels called the Homesteaders series.

We also offer a collection of historical novels in our Adventures on the American Frontier series that tell the biographical accounts of several of the people who helped to shape the United States of America into what it is today.

Although they are not novels, we have a selection of books available that reveal the wartime experiences of some of the people who fought in the American Civil War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the first Gulf War, using language and content that are acceptable for children.

Finally, we’d like to point readers to the novels of Paul Sullivan. Although only two of Sullivan’s novels are technically historical fiction (and as such appear in the lists above), all of his books are so well-written and tell such gripping, engaging stories that we don’t want young readers (or, for that matter, readers of any age) to miss them.

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