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George Washington: First president of the United States, Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, guy with wooden dentures (sorry, folks, that thing about his teeth is not actually true). We all know some basic facts about Washington (or we think we do). But did you also know that as a young man, he experienced a treacherous journey through frozen wilderness, barely escaping with his life while crossing a rushing, frigid river in order to report important information about the French resistance to British control?

These are the sorts of facts that get lost in the telling of big pictures, which is how most history is taught. But this story and others like it are what kids will learn from the newest Adventures on the American Frontier set of books by Royal Fireworks Press: Westward Over the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The earliest colonists saw the Blue Ridge Mountains as the barrier to the Pacific Ocean. They weren’t wrong, but they did incorrectly assume that it was the only barrier to the Pacific Ocean. It wasn’t until a tribe of Native Americans showed one young man the Cumberland Gap that white men were finally able to get farther west into the land that is now Kentucky and beyond. That gap in the great blue ridge is the pass that Washington used to carry out his mission for the British, and it’s the pass that Daniel Boone went through to begin his famous settlement in the land of the waving blue grass.

This set of books tells these stories and more. They’re available as a five-part series of dyslexia-friendly books or as a single five-chapter novel. The dyslexia-friendly books contain an array of special features, such as font type and spacing, for children who struggle with reading, including an audio component so that kids can follow along as the book is narrated.

Here is a sample of the narration:

Westward Over the Blue Ridge Mountains is a fascinating addition to the Adventures on the American Frontier collection, which contains an ever-growing number of books that tell stories most of us have never heard before—but all of which are worth knowing. Check out the wealth of titles and topics available today!

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