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Falling Water Interior: Frank Lloyd Wright

A special eight-week introductory course in interior design begins Monday, June 4th, with Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community. Interior design is not only an important field in and of itself, but it should be a focus for kids who are interested in a career in architecture.

The history of interior design is dotted with the works of great architects—such as Frank Lloyd Wright—who designed furniture and fittings to fill the interiors of their houses and buildings. In the course, students will be exposed to a broad survey of the essentials of interior design, and they will complete a design project.

The instructor is Nicole Delambo, who has extensive experience in interior design and for many years has been an instructor of gifted children. See Introduction to Interior Design.

This fall, Francis Wickham will offer an online course that is an introduction to architecture and its history, with a survey of architectural styles from the ancient world to the present day. Mr. Wickham not only is a distinguished architect with a long career of designing buildings around the world, but he also has proven to be a popular teacher with students in our online classes. We are excited to have him offer another course. See Architecture: A Beginner’s Guide.

Fall 2018: We are currently taking enrollments for our full-year and fall semester courses. To view all that we are offering, see the list of courses.

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