Interior Design Mini-Course

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intro to interior design course

Our introductory course in interior design has been expanded to ten weeks for the upcoming fall semester. In this course, students will explore the basics of interior design. They will examine design styles and historic interiors through the ages, from classical to contemporary. They will be introduced to the principles and elements of interior design and will learn the importance of universal design and sustainability. In addition, students will be guided to understand how the balance of colors, lines, and shapes is important to interior design. They will preview some of the fundamental types of flooring, fabrics, lighting, furniture, wall finishes, and window treatments. Finally, they will learn how to design and draw a floor plan of a room with smooth traffic patterns.

The instructor is Nicole Delambo, who has extensive experience in interior design and for many years has been an instructor of gifted children. See the Introduction to Interior Design course description.

The first class is Thursday, September 13, at 6:00 p.m.

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