It’s Not too Late to Register for Online Courses!

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The first classes for many Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community courses will be held this coming week, and there’s still time to register for them!

We are proud of the intellectual heft of our courses. We offer learning opportunities well beyond those open to most students before they get to college. There are two courses in Western philosophy and one in formal logic, as well as a course in Eastern philosophy. There are many history courses offering a diverse range of topics that most students will not see until their third year in college. There are courses on the brain, genetics, and space biology that are similarly high-level. Kids in our creative writing courses have won a number of awards in national writing contests, and several have been published. Our Spanish-language program reaches to advanced literature, historical, and cultural topics. Our Latin program is historically meticulous as an added benefit to learning the language. There is no more powerful language arts curriculum than the one we publish by Michael Clay Thompson, who teaches his curriculum at a level that no one else can match. The math courses for highly gifted young children are as demanding as they are stimulating. Our architecture class offers kids an opportunity to learn at an early age detailed information about the built environment.

We are proud of the quality of our instructors. Students in our online learning community have the opportunity to learn from true experts in their fields. Most of our instructors have their doctorates, as well as many years of research and high-level teaching behind them. They know their fields and have a passionate lifetime commitment to them. They know how to encourage young learners and how to channel enthusiasm productively. They are often the authors of the books and curricula that they use. Many of them have had years of experience training teachers. Their creativity matches their expertise. And most important of all, they are kind and gentle people who encourage young learners.

We are proud of our ability to accommodate a wide variety of children learning at a high level. We understand that many gifted children are twice-exceptional and have special needs and present diverse challenges. We believe that it is impossible to have an excellent organization without utilizing the talents of twice-exceptional people, and we are dedicated to helping those kids develop their special gifts.

We are proud of the stability that our online school offers to children, giving them the opportunity to learn year after year with the same instructors. We come to know our students well and are able to guide them to reach their potential. We offer independent learning opportunities beyond the structure our courses for kids who want to explore specific topics with instructors they like.

And we are proud of the help that we have provided for our students to get into prestigious institutions that they want to attend. We stand behind the students in the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community and are pleased to see them achieve acceptance from institutions around the world.

Don’t let your child miss out on the many benefits that the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community provides! Register today!

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