It’s the last day of fall semester, but it’s the perfect day to sign up for spring courses!

Posted on: 12/17/2021 Back to all blog posts

At the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community, we’re celebrating the last day of our fall courses and the successful semester that so many of our students have had. It has been five months of learning, growth, and satisfaction for the more than 1,000 kids who are part of our Online Learning Community.

Online learning with us works! Our students are positive and grateful for the experiences they’ve had. Theirs was not the impersonal “distance learning” that people talk about but rather the comfortable, safe, productive experience of learning in their homes from experts alongside peers who might live next door or halfway around the world.

Now is the time to sign up for our fun winter workshops, as well as our spring courses. This spring we’re offering English language arts with Michael Clay Thompson, as well as Spanish, creative writing, and a wealth of course options in math, science, and history. Give your child the gift of a well-rounded, classical education by adding in Latin, philosophy, and art history. Make your child’s education even more fun and meaningful with courses in drawing, painting, and mindfulness. And for kids who need or want one-on-one time and attention with one of our instructors, we have advanced independent study courses available in an array of subjects.

There’s not just something for everyone; there are LOTS of courses for everyone in the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community. Check out our spring semester courses, and enroll today!

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