Last Minute Holiday Gifts with a Serious Purpose

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This holiday season, give gifts with a serious purpose.

Now through December 20, we are having a sale of some of our selected titles.

Novels are only $5 each. We also have titles for parents and teachers, which are discounted up to 33%. The ibook versions, if available, also have special pricing.

Key to Honor and The Price of CommandThe Key to Honor and
The Price of Command
The Nate Lawson stories are exciting novels that are our best on leadership, productive behavior in organizations, and how to deal with bad leaders. These two books are about the experiences of a young naval officer in the War of 1812. Beyond the insight they offer about naval warfare in the age of sailing ships and that particular conflict, there is a brilliant exploration of leadership, command, organizational behavior, duty, and honor. These books will appeal to boys ages ten and older.

The Key to Honor  Read more / Buy this book | iBook

The Price of Command  Read more / Buy this book

Monday and Old BonesMonday and Old Bones

These two novels are about kids learning from people in their grandparents’ generation. Two boys learn lessons of patience and respect as they deal with older people who at first glimpse do not seem to have much to offer them.

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Old Bones
Read more / Buy this book | iBook

Books byRobert BlackNight of the Paranormal Patterns
Night of the Frightening Fractions
Night of the Eerie Equations

Robert Black has written three math novels for kids who like to solve problems.

Night of the Paranormal Patterns
  Read more / Buy this bookiBook

Night of the Frightening Fractions
  Read more / Buy this book | iBook

Night of the Eerie Equations
  Read more / Buy this book | iBook

Finding Her WayFinding Her Way
This novel is designed to make the Transcendentalists and Henry David Thoreau accessible to American children. It engagingly reaches back almost two centuries and will enable your child to understand the Transcendentalists and their world.

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goyas-eyesThrough Goya’s Eyes
Children who read Through Goya’s Eyes will get the only exposure to the Spanish Enlightenment they will experience before taking a course in Spanish history in college, and even then this novel will have more information in it than they will get in an introductory course in college.

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River RatsRiver Rats
River Rats deals with the thorny issues of bullying, both within the family and between kids outside of the family.  This novel is an engaging story sensitively written to bring out the effects of bullying on siblings as well as on others.

Read more / Buy this bookiBook

The ValedictorianThe Valedictorian
This novel is about a girl’s single-minded pursuit of grades and achievement in school.  It offers gifted children perspectives on their school experience.

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Climbing Up to the TreehouseClimbing Up to the Tree House
This novel deals with the difficult problem of sexual abuse of children.  It is sensitively written by a physician who deals with these problems on a regular basis.

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The Same DifferenceThe Same Difference
This story is about two sisters: one with Asperger’s who is beginning to go to a mainstreamed classroom in middle school, and one who is autistic.

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The Eerie CanalThe Eerie Canal
Written for children about ten years old, The Eerie Canal offers more knowledge about the Erie Canal and its workings than most Ph.D. students in American history will have.

Read more / Buy this bookiBook

Tales from 1492Tales from 1492
This book offers a perspective on events around the world during the year Columbus arrived in America.  For many children this will be their first experience with latitudinal rather than chronological history. The book is organized into informative short snippets.

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Fishmeal and the Mounching MonsterFishmeal and the Mounching Monster
Fishmeal and the Mounching Monster is Michael Clay Thompson’s latest novel.  Fishmeal’s ability to see the best in everyone encourages better behavior from a wide variety of characters.  It is perfect reading for the holiday season—and for a better New Year.

Read more / Buy this book |iBook

Reading for Your New Year’s Resolution List

Off the ChartsOff the Charts: Asynchrony and the Gifted Child
Off the Charts is essential reading on gifted children and adults, with articles contributed by a number of experts in the field.

Read more / Buy this bookiBook

Mellow OutMellow Out, They Say. If I Only Could.
Mellow Out is crucial reading for parents of highly intense children.

Read more / Buy this bookiBook

Sherwyn's ProgressSherwyn’s Progress:
Raising a Profoundly Gifted Child

Sherwyn’s Progress offers a perspective on profoundly gifted children.

Read more / Buy this bookiBook

How to Build a Child's Character
How to Build Your Child’s Character
by Tapping into Your Own

How to Build Your Child’s Character is the one book every parent should read. This inspirational and important book sets out principles and strategies for creating happy human beings.

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The Jerk WhispererThe Jerk Whisperer
The Jerk Whisperer is a reminder of the fact that our world is filled with jerks, and this book offers strategies to deal with them effectively.

Read more / Buy this bookiBook

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