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Michael Clay Thompson’s intriguing new novel:

Fishmeal and the Mounching MonsterFishmeal and the Mounching Monster (Michael Clay Thompson)

Featuring Fishmeal the duck and a scary but gullible monster, MCT’s delightful new novel entertains while teaching classic words. The story races from adventure to adventure, delivering a message that is powerful without being didactic. You can read a synopsis and a sample chapter, in the READ MORE link below.

The novel is part of a new level of the MCT Language Arts Curriculum that will focus on Classic Words, the words that Michael has identified occur repeatedly in classical literature. Look out for more announcements soon.

Special price now through Sunday April 19th: $10.00

Levels 1 and 2 iBooks of the MCT Curriculum are now complete

Levels 1 and 2 iBooks of the MCT Curriculum are now complete

Each level contains vocabulary, grammar, writing, poetics and practice books, with one Implementation Manual in place of separate Teacher Manuals. This makes these interactive iBooks less expensive than purchasing the packages of print books. The other levels will follow. A full list of our iBooks is posted – and regularly updated – on our website

These iBook versions are in many ways a different learning experience from that of the print versions. Among the many advantages of the iBooks are that Michael can speak directly to the students in audio clips, and that the student books are interactive. The interactive feature means that students can see immediately if their answers to the quizzes are correct – which eliminates one of the most important functions of the teacher manuals, that of providing the answers.

Understanding and integrating the arts

Understanding and integrating the arts

Artistic Ways of Knowing: How to Think Like an Artist by Dr. Joanne Haroutounian is an important new book about understanding the arts process, integrating creative/performance programs into the curriculum, and nurturing talented students. A beautifully illustrated book, it will inspire and help every educator who has an interest in visual and performance art. The author, who heads the Piano Pedagogy program at George Mason University, is renowned for sharing vibrant ideas with colleagues, students, and on the international lecture circuit.

Educating the highly gifted

Educating the highly gifted

Sherwyn’s Progress: Raising a Profoundly Gifted Child by Amanda Sarabi recounts her experiences as the mother of a child whose IQ was off the charts and who became a media celebrity in the U.K. She wrote the book to help other parents of gifted children and covers such questions as: What does the IQ test tell you? Should you homeschool or not? What are the social and emotional needs? What is ‘normal’ development compared with the gifted?

Special price now through Sunday April 19th: $10.00

Mathematical Fiction: making math fun without diluting the rigor

Mathematical Fiction: making math fun without diluting the rigor

Robert Black, an engineer in his daytime job, is writing novels for us in the genre of mathematical fiction. Night of the Frightening Fractions follows the popular Night of the Paranormal Patterns. Each chapter is filled with pre-algebra math problems that the girl hero has to solve on behalf of a crowd of strange monsters who have adopted her as their Pattern-Finder.

Children’s Bookwatch said of “Night of the Paranormal Patterns”: Highly recommended, especially for public and school library YA collection.

Special price now through Sunday April 19th: $14.00 for the two books purchased together.

An original novel of magical realism

The Homesteader Set of Six Novels by Esther Allen Petersen

The Glimpsing Book, is a first novel by high school principal Steve Loe, in which the story celebrates the power of fiction. It features a mysterious volume that seems to have been present at moments of history, and can change content depending on the reader. A strange new librarian and the cryptic book collide with the lives of three pre-teens as they journey far beyond the back of the library and the reaches of the imagination.

We are expecting some reviews from Steve’s former middle grade students. Lois Ruby, children’s author urges “Read it if you’re a kid; read it to your kids if you’re an adult, and believe in the impossible maybe.”

A New Blog

Author Steve Loe has written about teaching literacy skills on our blog: Reading is Not a Spectator Sport.

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