Learning Options for the MCT Language Arts Curriculum

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The Royal Fireworks Press language arts curriculum by Michael Clay Thompson has two goals: to ensure that the individual student who completes it is proficient in the language arts at a level that will carry him or her through life, and to inspire a lifelong love of the English language and its literature.

The education is sophisticated—far above that of any other language arts curriculum—yet the approach is enticing, drawing children in with meaningful content, creative design, art, humor, and imaginative typography and layout. There is a huge joy about the curriculum that children feel and respond to. The story of Mud the fish going to Sentence Island to learn how to write sentences has charmed children for two generations, and Michael’s Mud novels are an engaging introduction to chapter books as literature. Michael takes delight in language, and his approach to grammar, vocabulary, writing, poetics, and literature is enthusiastic, positive, and great fun.

We offer a variety of learning options: online courses with Michael himself, an online mentor program for individuals and/or groups, and textbooks and instructor guidebooks for homeschooling and classroom learning.

Online Courses 

The MCT language arts curriculum courses are taught by Michael Clay Thompson himself, offered through the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community. This is a special opportunity that a few lucky students will remember for a lifetime.

Click Here to Learn More about Online Courses Taught by Michael Clay Thompson.

MCT Mentor Network

The Michael Clay Thompson language arts materials are available as an online platform called the MCT Mentor Network. The program has been envisioned and developed by experienced teachers and technology experts who have a passion for making the MCT materials truly a curriculum for the 21st century—a curriculum that provides instructors and students with the guidance and feedback they need while maintaining the rigor of the materials.

The MCT Mentor Network focuses on individualized student instruction through immediate feedback and open-ended thinking activities. It provides a variety of learning activities for students to build skills, think deeply, and connect ideas. In addition, it allows students to participate in ongoing social dialogue through student collaboration in online discussions and activities.

Click Here to Learn More about the MCT Mentor Network

Click Here to Learn More about the MCT Mentor Network

Traditional Homeschool/Classroom Instruction

For more than twenty years, the MCT language arts curriculum has been successfully taught the traditional way with an instructor (whether a teacher or parent) and paper books. This is still the most popular option for an MCT language arts education. There are student books and instructor manuals for each component at each of the seven levels, covering grammar, vocabulary, poetics, writing, practice, and literature. Addition instructor support is available with curriculum guides and videos, and enthusiastic parents have formed online social media groups to discuss the curriculum, its implementation in their homes, and their joys and problems.

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