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We are pleased to offer a number of new courses taught by distinguished experts this fall in our online school.

Allen Gross will be teaching a variety of math courses. Allen is not only a seasoned teacher at the college level; he is attuned—as a man who spent his working life in banking operations—to the practical uses of math. Most important, he is a warm, flexible, and creative teacher who can provide special challenges for gifted children. He is also outstanding at finding ways to illuminate the path forward for kids who are simply not getting it. In the mini-courses he taught for us, we were impressed by the progress that a number of previously struggling children made in math in a few short weeks. Our math courses use the texts of the Art of Problem Solving, together with supplemental material available from Royal Fireworks. Allen will teach courses for students at each level from the fifth through the tenth grades.

Dr. Dave Purvis, the author of the popular Dr. Dave’s Teaching Manuals, will be teaching an online course in our school for the first time. He is a highly innovative and exciting teacher who has spent many years instructing classroom teachers in how to make science intriguing. He also has served as a consultant to many schools and school districts. His chemistry course will introduce middle school students to such topics as the modern atomic model, molecules, elements, and the periodic table. The students will also learn about chemical reactions, and the course will include interesting demonstrations.

Dr. Kristin Krause will also be teaching in our online school for the first time. She has a doctorate in biology and normally teaches at the university level. She is also the author of the exciting tale of survival at sea entitled The Last Voyage of the Hornet. In her Introduction to Genetics course, she brings students to one of the central concerns of modern biology: heredity. The course explores the principles of heredity and examines the question of how much of who we are is genetic versus how much is shaped by the environment. Students will learn about the ways in which genes are turned on and off, as well as population genetics, gene sequencing, and technology.

Science and math are increasingly important in today’s world, and children need to be proficient in them. These courses will give students a boost in these critically important subjects while also promoting them as fun, interesting, and accessible to everyone.

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