Math Books for Children

Since its inception, Royal Fireworks Press has had a special concern for children interested in math. Many children have a natural affinity for and love of math, and the right materials can go a long way toward nurturing that love into a happy lifetime relationship. On the other hand, many children turn away from math when the texts and drill-and-practice worksheets become so boring that they choose to pursue other, more stimulating interests. Our objective is to provide materials with the emotional spark that will tempt children to pursue mathematical interests beyond the narrow confines of some curricula.

At the youngest levels, we challenge children with two volumes of Logic-Math Exercises for Young Children. The Awesum Alex series, written by Dr. Rachel McAnallen and Carol Ann Williams, is for mathematically curious children in the early years of elementary school. Bill McCandliss and Dr. Albert Watson produced the Problemoids set of math books for upper elementary students; these books seek to develop children’s problem-solving strategies. Educational Play: Math is designed to provide a series of games for families to play to encourage children to think of math as a fun challenge rather than a tedious worksheet chore.

As they arrive in middle school, children will enjoy Robert Black’s Mathematical Nights series, which cleverly weaves math problems into a series of novels about a couple of kids who find themselves tasked with answering mathically-based questions for a group of strange paranormal creatures. And then there are the devilishly clever Math Verses with Twists (in four volumes) to challenge students to think creatively about math problems. At this level we also offer Chi Square, Pie Charts, and Me to introduce students to the world of statistical analysis.

At a higher level, we offer Dr. Bryan Dawson’s books on number theory and number systems for students who wish to delve deeply into more advanced mathematical topics.

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