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Caesar’s English I: Classical Education Edition

We are pleased to announce our new book: Caesar’s English I: Classical Education Edition.

The start of an upgrade of the entire MCT vocabulary program increasing the emphasis on Classical Education.

This enhanced edition of Caesar’s English I still has as its basis twenty lessons of Greek and Latin stems that provide the roots of our language, but with essays, maps and photographs it gives children a wide-ranging insight into the ancient world and its contributions to our lives.

Aimed at students in 4th or 5th grade, ages 9 to 11 years, it is the successor to Building Language and the precursor of Caesar’s English II which in turn is followed by the Word Within the Word series – also soon to be augmented.

We feel very proud of this new volume, and the reactions from those who have seen it are very encouraging. In fact we believe it is the best we have ever done. Our enthusiasm for the new edition has resulted in a student book too large to be handled easily by children, so we have published it in two parts, 192 pages each.

There is more emphasis on the links with Spanish and with literature, more activities and contributions from Myriam Borge Thompson on the role of women and the Spanish connections. Read more here…

He says: “There is a difference between good and great, and we are determined to bring to you what is truly great, and we will use the best of our knowledge to fire the imaginations of children for years to come. In the forthcoming year, we will add new sections to Word I, II, and III. In each case they will be designed to give students a broader familiarity with ancient Greece and Rome. None of the new material ‘will be on the test’, but we hope it will interest students and spur them to read and learn more on their own.

“Coming for Word I is a discussion of aspects of Greek and Roman history. Word II will contain information about the Acropolis of Athens and its buildings, particularly the Parthenon. Word III will focus on the culture of Greece and Rome.

“As always we strive to improve the curriculum at every available opportunity.”

The website has the background to these books and how they fit into classical education with the Roman links and the Ancient Greeks.

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