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A New Level for MCT Language Arts:

Based on classic literature The Vocabulary of Literature (Michael Clay Thompson)

We are launching a new level between levels 3 and 4 of the Michael Clay Thompson Curriculum because we have thought for some time that the gap between the Voyage level and the Magic Lens I/Word Within the Word I level was too large for some students. These new books focus upon the vocabulary, grammar, writing, and poetic techniques of the authors of the great classics of English and American literature.

The first book, available now, is The Vocabulary of Literature. There are ten chapters with examples of the most frequently used words in the classics, word challenges, quizzes, exercises, creative readings, and biographies and photographs of famous authors, all combining to help students to internalize these words, and to pave a path to a lifetime’s enjoyment and love of great literature.

Each of the ten lessons presents ten new classic words and ten words from Caesarâ’s English I and II, so students have 200 powerful words to learn and use. These are not words chosen arbitrarily for the purpose of a textbook. They are the words most frequently used in classic literature as identified by MCT’s painstaking research. They are the words he believes must be known as a necessary component of an educated vocabulary.

The principal authors featured are Jack London, Jane Austen, Stephen Crane, Mary Shelley, Frederick Douglass, Henry David Thoreau, Rachel Carson, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, and George Eliot. Because we love literature and visiting writers’ houses, we have included not only the authors’ portraits, but also our photographs of where they wrote and with what, including Jane Austen’s tiny writing table and Dickens’s desk. Jane Austen’s house is featured on the cover of the student book and Rudyard Kipling’s house is on the teacher manual.

The Vocabulary of Literature Student Book
Order Code: 8724, $15.00
The Vocabulary of Literature Teacher Manual
Order Code: 8731, $20.00


MCT Language Arts Curriculum

The first three levels are now available in digital format as iBooks, with the upper levels in process. This format has made it possible for us to combine all five teacher books into one Implementation Manual iBook for each level.  This provides a substantial saving for those who purchase the curriculum as iBooks rather than as print books.

Other beneficial features include: free updates as revised editions are published, the photographs in color, and audio clips of Michael Clay Thompson reading the poems in the poetics books. Read more about our iBooks.

Classic Words

Classic Words

Classic Words is Michael Clay Thompson’s compilation of the 100 most used and important words of classic literature, with detailed discussion of the twenty most frequently used. We have reformatted the book in a larger size with bigger and easier to read type and a new cover.

It’s Electrifying!

It's Electrifying

Our award-winning Problem-Based Learning series immerses students in complex real-life situations. The latest unit, for secondary school, It’s Electrifying! presents the problem of whether Virginia Beach will accept ocean-based alternative energy supplies, and which source of energy would be most beneficial with the least environmental impact. The thorough science and technology focus is on how wind, water, and gravitational pull are converted into electricity. After studying the best options, the ramifications are considered, with opinions and input from local government officials, engineers, environmentalists, local protesters, and business suppliers. These challenging units take students into the real world where problems and solutions have no easy answers.

Dr. Gallagher is a four-time winner of the award for exemplary curriculum from the National Association for Gifted Children Curriculum Division.

It’s Electrifying! Set, Teacher Manual, CD & Problem Log
Order Code: 8823S, $40.00

It’s Electrifying! Teacher Manual with CD
Order Code: 8823, $35.00

It’s Electrifying! Student Problem Log
Order Code: 8830, $5.00

The Seal Hunters, a new novel set in the Arctic Circle, addresses environmental concerns.

The Seal Hunters

Paul Sullivan’s latest adventure novel gives a glimpse into the life of the Inuits. Set in the early twentieth century from the point of view of a teenager of a family of Canada’s First People, we are brought into their way of life; how they were always aware of the fragility of their existence; how they were mindful to thank the animals that provided them with food, shelter, clothing, and trade; and how they acknowledged the spirits that rule the universe. This way of life and respect for nature could not have been more different from the aims of the European commercial seal hunters, whose arrival into the frozen north changed the way of life for the Inuits forever.

The young man is captured by foreign hunters who have no understanding of his language or customs. This absorbing story is more than an adventure; like all of Sullivan’s novels it provides an insight into other cultures and into complex issues that are relevant today.

The Seal Hunters, a novel
Order Code: 3888, $7.99

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