MCT Digital Learning

There are a variety of ways in which students can access the MCT Language Arts Curriculum content in a digital format. These include the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community, the MCT Mentor Network, and iBooks.

The Royal Fireworks Press Online Learning Community: A limited number of lucky children will have the opportunity to learn language arts from Michael Clay Thompson using the award-winning curriculum that he created. Each year Michael teaches all seven levels of his language arts curriculum, and he includes every strand: grammar (and practice), vocabulary, writing, and poetics. He also adds one of the literature trilogies into the mix in the second semester. In this way, children receive a complete immersion in all aspects of the language arts, taught by a master of English language arts himself.

Each course stretches across two full semesters (fall and spring) and is only offered to a limited number of students so that each child is able to get personalized instruction and feedback from Michael on all homework submissions and writing assignments. This is an opportunity that children will remember for a lifetime!

The MCT Mentor Network: The MCT language arts curriculum is also available as an online platform that provides homeschoolers, homeschool co-ops, schools, and school systems with flexible and affordable online options for teaching children the MCT curriculum. Each book can work as its own course, or it can be integrated into a larger course of study for individuals or groups of students. All of the materials provide opportunities for students to engage deeply in a variety of learning activities in order to learn and master the English language arts.

Online seats can be purchased with or without a printed textbook. In this format, the Mentor Network allows students to learn in virtual classrooms with others from around the corner and around the world. Many elements of the MCT language arts curriculum are available now, but more are in the works, so be sure to check back periodically to see what new offerings have been added.

iBooks: Although many people love the feel of a book in their hands, love the smell of fresh print, love the crackling sound of opening a book for the first time, there are others who would rather not deal with printed materials. And even those of us who want a printed textbook occasionally wish that they weren’t so cumbersome to haul around—for example, when traveling. For those individuals, the entire MCT language arts curriculum is available as a series of iBooks, which can be purchased from iTunes and used on any Apple device, such as a Mac or an iPad.

Every student book in all seven levels of the MCT curriculum, as well as all of the language-illustrated classics in the literature strand of the curriculum, is also an iBook and comes with bonus features not in the print versions. These include audio and self-check quizzes. Each level of the curriculum also comes with an instructor manual with teaching tips and answer keys. There are also links in the manuals to PDFs of summative quizzes and tests so that parents and teachers can print them out if they wish to have a written test for recording purposes. iBooks offer a convenient way for students to learn at their own pace wherever they are—in a classroom, at the kitchen table, or even in the car.

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